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When you donate your applications to Appsforcure, your app will be advertised through our "Buy Apps" web page. Note that Appsforcure Inc. will review your app and make a decision on uploading it to an appstore with or without modifications. If uploaded, the revenue from your application (minus incidental expenses) will be distributed to various medical foundations, which will in turn go towards developing cures and treating those in need.

You may have apps that are currently not drawing any revenues in an appstore. It is possible that such apps might be bought by the public when advertised through Appsforcure Inc.

Please fill out this form so that we may contact you, discuss about the apps, and keep you updated on the status of your apps.

*Note that once you have donated an app to Appsforcure Inc., you are transferring all the rights for the app to Appsforcure Inc. Appsforcure Inc. may decide to modify and/or upload the app into any appstore and derive revenue from this app. The credits in the final app will clearly acknowledge you for providing the idea for the application.