Shalni Kumar


5 Barrel Factory Ct. Poquoson, Virginia USA, 23662.

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A Little History

My parents have been contributing money to help poor cancer patients in India for several years. Poverty and sickness are bad independently – when you combine them, it becomes unbearable. The idea for Appsforcure came as a solution to expand the number of poor and sick people we can help all over the world and contribute towards medical research by leveraging the growing need for Apps.

Appsforcure was started in my freshman year at Poquoson High School. As a member of Johns Hopkins University CTY (Center for Talented Youth) and SET (Study of Exceptional Talent) programs, I picked up some programming skills through their online courses. The first interactive game I designed was an "apple picking" game developed using scratch programming.

My brother, Keshav Kumar, while a senior at Virginia Tech studying Civil and Environmental Engineering, pitched in with the first app called Aqua+ which quantifies water usage by a family, provides comparative metrics, and recommends ways to reduce your consumption of water, i.e., reduce your water footprint.

My cousin Devi Seetharam, an accomplished artist, donated her time to draw beautiful images which were used for the Hide and Peek app.

My friend Shilpa Agrawal, a student of computer science at MIT, donated her Java code as foundation for the Word Quilt app.

and the story continues.....